Class Descriptions


Offered for ages 4-6

This class is designed to stimulate a young student’s interest in dance by incorporating a sampling of multiple genres. Students will be exposed to basic technique and movement vocabulary while working to improve multiple skills such as coordination, flexibility, and spatial awareness. These one-hour classes will comprise Ballet, Jazz, and Tumbling. 


Offered at all levels

Ballet is a disciplined form of dance that is highly encouraged to accompany every genre along the course of dance training. Ballet includes many of the fundamental techniques necessary to build a well-rounded dancer. Ballet exhibits grace and flow while being supported by power and control. It will help aid in alignment, posture improvement, flexibility, and awareness among many other benefits. Available classes range from 1 to 2 hours consisting of barre, warm-up, strength, flexibility, center work, and across the floor combinations.


Offered at all levels

Modern is a perfect complement to Ballet as it aids in creating the most well-rounded, diverse dancer possible. This style allows for a greater understanding of how the body can move in different ways. The class emphasizes alignment, balance, strength, flexibility, floor work, and weight shift. Dancers will explore aspects of suspension and release, partnering, and various improvisation methods. While this class is mainly Horton-based, the Graham Technique will also be introduced and implemented to assist growth and development. These techniques will help reshape the body while enhancing and understanding movement theory, technique skills, and concentration of style and dynamics.


Offered at all levels

Jazz is a form of dance that blends the techniques and styles of Ballet and Modern. Balance, grace, strength, and level change are just a few concepts you will need to excel in this discipline. This class will include warm-up, isolation, stretch, across the floor progressions, and choreographed combinations. Dancers will work on increasing flexibility and strength while improving rhythms, timing, and patterns, and creating dynamics through movement. Styles offered in this class will be Traditional, Broadway, Heels, Afro, Latin, and Commercial Jazz. As students progress through each level, the curriculum will become more complex and intricate. Jazz is a form of dance that truly showcases a dancer’s originality.


Offered at all levels

Contemporary is the fusion of Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and even a bit of inversion and Hip Hop. Blending these styles is a way to create a unique and enjoyable way to approach movement outside of the classical vocabulary. Dancers will also explore concepts such as contact improvisation, partnering, and conditioning. Core work, fall/recovery, musicality, dynamics, phrasing, and different choreographic styles are emphasized during this class. This discipline is meant to reveal and demonstrate emotion to inspire both dancer and observer.

Acro Dance

Offered at all levels

Acro is the fusion of dance technique, athleticism, agility, and strength through acrobatic skills that are seamlessly incorporated into dance choreography. This class teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline, and concentration. Students will learn various skills depending on their level including, but not limited to handstands, headstands, elbow stands, chin stands, cartwheels, backbends, walkovers, aerials, balances, and contortion.

Hip Hop


Offered at all levels

Conditioning is designed to increase range of motion, balance, muscle flexibility, and a dancer’s overall strength. It involves a combination of cardio, bodyweight exercises, and weight utilization. Ankle weights, blocks, and bands are tools that are often used to increase difficulty. Dancers are taught basic anatomy as well as proper form. This class is to supplement the stretching dancers are doing outside of class.

PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique)

Offered at Int./Adv. levels

Progressing Ballet Technique is a program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon to help students advance in all dance forms by training muscle memory. PBT focuses on core stability, weight placement, and alignment. PBT is practiced internationally and we are proud to offer it at Legacy!

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