Legacy Dance Institute is a focused training facility targeted toward eager, dedicated, and hardworking dancers. Our experienced faculty and guest artists will provide the foundation that will further enhance and accelerate their dance training. We believe in exposing our students to a variety of styles to assist in their versatility, increase their confidence and ensure a more challenging environment.

At Legacy Dance Institute we stand by our product and the services we provide. We believe that our students will receive the best possible dance instruction under our direction. Through our combined years of training we have developed a teaching philosophy that works and gets results. This philosophy is built on the idea that if you work hard you will be successful not only as a dancer, but in life. 

The focus of LDI’s instruction is to ensure a challenging, physical and mental environment with an emphasis on proper analysis and execution of technique. We teach with a structured, disciplined, yet caring style, which originates from our professional training and experiences. We enjoy helping students learn to clarify and break down their movements, gain confidence in their abilities, and help identify their strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to help them realize that mental training is just as important as physical training. We strongly promote diversity of movement in class for it is important that a dancer know how to move in more than one way. We strive to cultivate essential performance skills and instill the work ethic, focus, and determination required for success as a dancer.

We’re not just teaching dance lessons, we’re teaching life lessons that will help our dancers gain self-confidence and self-assurance while learning how to work well with others.

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